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What does Opensend do?

Opensend provides customer identity information, even if the customer visits but never completes a purchase.

What kind of information about my customers is available?

OpenSend provides email addresses and some basic identifier information for the customer.

What % of my traffic is going to be identified?

Opensend typically identifies around 25-35% of your anonymous visitors, although your mileage may vary. We strive only to identify real human traffic — no bots allowed.

Can Opensend provide data for customers outside of the US?

No, our sources are US publishers primarily serving a US audience. We filter out incidental non-US traffic using IP geolocation.

Who should use Opensend?

Any business that wants to identify online store visitors who do not complete a purchase.

How does the technology work?

When a new visitor accesses your site, our proprietary technology retrieves their identities and email addresses.

Is Opensend's service legal?

Yes, we comply with US laws, including CAN-SPAM and CCPA.

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