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Increase your recurring revenues and help your clients grow their business faster. A program designed to enable our partners to scale their clients’ businesses.
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“Opensend has been a game-changer for our clients! With $250,000,000 managed spend per year, we are already seeing a lift across our clients.”

Eddie Maalouf

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A partnership that helps you scale

Best Technology & Data

Play a critical role in your clients’ retention strategy and help scale with the most advanced data solutions for emails, programmatic, postal retargeting, and much more in one platform.

Training and Support

Your clients receive the white glove experience across the full lifecycle with robust resources, dedicated client services, solution engineering resources, and 24/7 online support.

More results & revenue

Set your clients up for success with Opensend’s data platform and help them reach more customers. Refer more clients to unlock more benefits while growing your bottom line.

Seamless Integrations

Easily connect Opensend's products with your clients’ existing tech stack by tapping into our pre-built integrations across all major SAAS platforms and categories.
“We've tested this on 10 clients and the results have been great so far. We've tested similar services in the past with no luck. The Opensend team has been great to work with as well!”

Mike Gleba

Founder one 10 media
Better audiences
Smart ads
Lower CPA
Grow email list
High Conversion

Ways to partner with Opensend

Our partners range from global enterprises to startups and entrepreneurs. We’re proud to collaborate with our partner network to help grow their clients’ businesses.
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Agency Partners

Earn revenue by introducing clients to Opensend. Help your clients engage with thousands of previously unidentified website visitors, utilizing your expertise in visitor engagement to increase their profits.

App Partners

Do you provide a service to your customers that includes building or hosting a website? Bring in Opensend to help identify and engage with visitors to those sites!

Consulting Partners

Are you helping companies grow their businesses? Would your customers benefit from engaging with unidentified website visitors? Refer them to us and get a cut of the recurring revenue.

Technology (Dev) Partners

Build software integrations, applications, websites, and more. With Opensend, you can help your clients retain their customers longer while maximizing their revenues and reach.
“Thought it was too good to be true until we hit 20x ROI. We tried other services like Opensend but they didn't work for our clients. One of our clients is getting over 150 new leads a day and a 20x return on their investment with Opensend.”

Nehal Kazim

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Most common questions

You probably have some questions — we have answers
What does Opensend do?

Opensend provides customer identity information, even if the customer visits but never completes a purchase.

What kind of information about my customers is available?

OpenSend provides email addresses and some basic identifier information for the customer.

What % of my traffic is going to be identified?

Opensend typically identifies around 25-35% of your anonymous visitors, although your mileage may vary. We strive only to identify real human traffic — no bots allowed.

Can Opensend provide data for customers outside of the US?

No, our sources are US publishers primarily serving a US audience. We filter out incidental non-US traffic using IP geolocation.

Who should use Opensend?

Any business that wants to identify online store visitors who do not complete a purchase.

How does the technology work?

When a new visitor accesses your site, our proprietary technology retrieves their identities and email addresses.

Is Opensend's service legal?

Yes, we comply with US laws, including CAN-SPAM and CCPA.

Got more questions? Contact us or read our FAQ here.